Industrial Process equipment manufacturers of powder blenders, centrifuges, sieves and screeners.

Industrial Process Equipment for the UK and Ireland.

Adrian Cameron (Ltd) represents European Process Equipment Manufacturers active in the UK and Ireland process industries: Pharmaceuticals, Fine Chemicals, Food and Minerals sectors.

Representatives in the UK & Ireland For Leading Process Equipment Manufacturers, Including….

Bolz-PT vacuum dryers and powder blenders

Conical Vacuum Dryers and Powder Blenders

Bolz-PT offer know-how, test facilities and equipment for powder drying, blending and powder/particle conditioning.

Heinel-PT centrifuges

Liquid-Solids Separation, Centrifugal Filtration & Sedimentation 

Heinkel-PT offer know-how, test facilities and equipment for Liquid-Solids Separation, Centrifugal Filtration and Sedimentation.

Powder, Tablet and Sample Valves

Heinkel, CO.RA, FAMAT & BiAR

Ball Segment Valves, Powder and Liquid Sample Valves, Hygienic Powder Dosing, Filling and Emptying Valves…..

Heinkel Cone Screw Dryer - part of our Industrial Process Equipment Manufacturers portfolios.

Adrian Cameron Ltd 

Adrian Cameron Ltd. represents overseas companies supplying equipment and know-how to the process industries in the UK and Ireland.  As well as leading Industrial process equipment suppliers, we offer local technical and commercial assistance for the duration of the business relationship between the equipment provider and the end user.  

We help the equipment supplier to serve the market and the end user to find the optimum process equipment solution. We stay in touch with your customers so they have ongoing technical support after the process equipment is commissioned. 

Involved during project development, pilot plant trials, project execution and after sales support, we remain the local contact throughout.


Looking for a UK & Ireland Representative?

The companies we represent are mostly active in the fine chemical, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing sectors. Equipment capacities offered range from laboratory, pilot size and production scale. 

Please contact Adrian Cameron if you would like to discuss representation in the UK & Ireland. 

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